The Internet as a Resource for
Business Research


Andrew Lymer

Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Birmingham

This paper was published in ACCOUNT, Autumn 1994 Vol 6 No 3 pages 18-27


Modern computer networks offer business researchers access to huge amounts of potentially useful data. By using connections to Janet (Joint Academic Network), of which most higher education institutions are members, anyone can gain legitimate access to a large number of computers across the world. This has opened up huge possibilities for information access and retrieval on a scale that has never been possible before. This can happen because Janet is connected to what has become the key international network - The Internet. This article is primarily concerned with describing how to access this global network and details the 'information overload' problem that has arisen with this new found freedom of access. It comments on the ways in which practical assistance is being offered to network users to overcome this problem. The paper describes the role of the Internet as a medium through which researchers can communicate details of their work, share information and obtain research data. In addition, it give details of a number of significant projects currently being undertaken with direct implications for Accounting, Finance and Management research.

NB This paper was written in early 1994 - no guarantees can be given as to the continued correctness of the references cited after Autumn 1994 as this domain is changing so rapidly.

For more up-to-date references and new sources see 'The Internet Column' in the latest issue of ACCOUNT


  1. Introduction
    • What is the Internet ?

  2. Access and Retrieval Methods
  3. Navigation Tools
  4. Internet Sources for a Business Researcher
  5. Accountancy Sources
  6. Finance/Economics Sources
  7. Management
  8. Conclusion

  9. Bibliography and Further Reading


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